Batuhan Ergun



Completely open-source weather station.

OSWET Controller

Application specific controller for the complete OSWET Weather Station kit with a custom PCB based on ESP8266. New version also includes life-time sustainability with solar charger and Lithium-ion battery pack.

Server Rack

Completely redesigned server rack design optimized for 3D printing. It is fully customized to hold common development and IoT boards like Raspberry Pi, etc.

Ender 3 Enclosure

Yet another Ender 3 enclosure. But this time, it is much easier to build.


Exoplanet re-discovery from the CoRoT Space Misson

While we are learning the fundemantals of exopolanet researches, we used raw data from CoRoT to plot periodiogram and relative flux graphs using the TLS transit-fitting algorithm.

Instead of the common Box Least Squares (BLS, Kovács et al. 2002) algorithm, we used the TLS algorithm which also searches for stellar limb-darkening and includes the effects of planetary ingress and egress.