About me


I believe teamwork can lead to much more precise targets; I try my best to be a good teammate and persevere as a team.


I am trying to develop passion for STEM in people and inspire others by attending science fairs as a volunteer.


sysadmin on his own. Seriously, I only have basic tier VPS that runs kubernetes.

My story

I started my maker career with an Arduino in 7th grade. Althought it was not that popular those days, 3 of my friends also ended up having one after I showed at our science club what is possible with it. When we were in the 8th grade, our club time got canceled, however, we stayed after school with our Özgür Teacher to do our club activities. I'm so thankful to him for spending his resting time with the club.

After I got to high school, I took part in our robotics team SPECTRUM for the first time and we attended to the very first regional FRC event on Turkey, FRC Istanbul Regional 2018. Apart from our school team, I also joined NST-02 to attend NASA Space Apps Challenge Ankara 2019 and I was the only high school student in our team. With our project FFF, we won the 1st place and also got a chance to be a Global Nominee as a team.

As a social and skillful student, I was assigned to MUNF conferences and TEDx organization as the Executive Producer.

1st Place & Global Nominee Award

With our project FFF, we earned Global Nominee award at NASA Space Apps Challenge Ankara 2019.

Regional Finalist Award

FRC Istanbul Regional 2018 - Spectrum #7295

3DExperience World 2020

My rendering for a smart watch called ''watchX'' got featured on SolidWorks 3DExperience World 2020 where they announced their new platform called 3DEXPERIENCE and I actually got one of the first licenses to try it out. I still could not believe, SolidWorks was actually the first CAD I used, so it means a lot me.

GitHub Student Developer Program

I am a member of Github Student Developer Program and along with the tons of other opportunities, GitHub also provides GitHub Pro plan for student developers.

Teknofest 2019

In 2019, I got invited to Teknofest because we were in the leadersboard on a robotics competition held by MNE(Ministry of National Education). In just 2 days, we built a robot from stratch and wrote code for it to complete an obstacle course.


I am currently holding an IHA-1 license (equivalent to Remote Pilot Certificate by FAA) which allows me to fly UAVs up to 25kg. Along with that, I also have a license to register and verificate UAVs made by individuals.

Ham Radio Operator

CQ CQ, this is TA6NBE calling. It may seem weird but I am actually an A grade (UHF allowed) ham radio operator.
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